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Pacific Northwest Vulcan Riders Bylaws

    The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Vulcan Riders (PNW VR) is to share the passion and freedom of the open road with our chapter members, and to promote responsible motorcycle riding activities, both on the road and off, by conducting chapter activities and encouraging the participation of our members in these activities while maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere.

    To be recognized by the Vulcan Riders Association, and other riding organizations, as being the fastest growing riding club of the Pacific Northwest, and to be recognized by such organizations, and the community, as being a motorcycle riding club of merit.

    The Pacific NW Vulcan Riders will endeavor to:
• Provide a means for enthusiasts of Kawasaki Vulcans of all ages and skill levels to meet for rallies, outings, and social functions in a cohesive family atmosphere.
• Promote Vulcans, and motorcycles in general, as a fun and safe activity to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.
• Promote the image of the Vulcan Riders Association, and motorcycle riders in general, through involvement in public functions, charitable events and through demonstrated responsible motorcycling.
• Have fun and build camaraderie

I    Name

The name of the Association shall be the Vulcan Riders Association hereafter referred to as the Association. The Association shall also be known as the VRA. The name of the Local Chapter shall be known as the Pacific Northwest Vulcan Riders, hereafter referred to as PNW VR.

II    Purpose
The purpose of the Association is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for its members by conducting chapter activities and encouraging the participation of its members in these activities whilst maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere.

Office Bearer - the incumbent President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.Executive Committee - the Office Bearers as elected by the general membership of the Local Chapter.Appointed Officers - the incumbent Road Captain, Sergeant at Arms, and other appointed officers as may be deemed necessaryGeneral Committee - The elected Office Bearers plus appointed officers.


    Requirement for PNW VR full membership is a legal, running Kawasaki Vulcan of any size, with insurance and licensing for said Vulcan as required by their locale. Spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Full members are also allowed Full membership.
    Associate members of the PNW VR are those who do not own a Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle but own a motorcycle and meet all other requirements as described by Full Membership. Associates must be sponsored / referred by a Full Member. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of a Full member with the exceptions of holding an executive office, nominating someone for and executive office, voting in executive officer elections and voting or serving on committees concerning the governing of the PNW VR. Those rights and privileges are only reserved for Full Members. Spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Associate members are also allowed Associate membership.
    Any Full member or Associate member that can no longer ride or no longer owns a motorcycle may be issued an Honorary membership. Honorary members shall have the same rights and privileges of an Associate member. Spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Honorary members are also allowed Honorary membership.
    The founding members of the chapter that join before December 31, 2015. January 1, 2016 forward, all new members will be Regular Members. The Chapter will issue a VRA patch recognizing "Charter" members.

A    Should a member in good standing feel another member may have committed an act that is not conducive to the local chapter’s purpose, or violated federal, state or local law or ordinance, a written complaint should be filed with the President stating a brief description of the complaint, time, location and witnesses. The President will convene a special meeting with the Executive Officers, the accused, the accuser and any witnesses to address the complaint. The meeting shall be conducted in an orderly fashion to allow each party to be heard. After hearing all members involved, the Executive officers shall render a written decision that shall be considered final with no rights of review or appeal. When appropriate, the decision will be reported at the next general meeting.
B    If a member is found guilty of the committed act, the member must return his or her patch (five inch patch, ten inch patch, Executive patch or all of the above) to an Executive Committee member at the time of the announced decision. Members who chose to leave, and in good standing with the club, can keep their five inch patch or their ten inch patch, but must return their Executive or appointed position patch.

Full members shall pay an annual amount of $50.00, Associate members pay $35, Honorary members pay $30. Active spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Full members shall pay $35. Active spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Associate members shall pay $30. Active spouses and significant others (residing at the same address) of Honorary members pay $25. Payment shall be due the 2nd Saturday in June of each year. The dues will cover: URL purchase and renewal, web hosting, PO Box, PNW VR patch, Membership Card, activity supplies, signage and other marketing material, administrative costs, and club parties and larger activities as deemed necessary by the Executive Comity.

CHAPTER NAME AND AFFILIATION: The Vulcan Riders Association is the governing body of all VRA sanctioned activities. The PNW VR chapter, however, will operate as an independent organization providing services to their chapter members on a "not-for-profit" basis. The PNW VR chapter is required to adhere to this and all operational policies as well as local, state and municipal laws. Where the Association and local, state and municipal laws conflict, local, state and municipal law will always prevail.

The Association requires all chapters to have the following elected executive officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. No member may fill more than one of these positions simultaneously and must be a Full member. Only one immediate family member (husband , wife, significant other residing at the same address ) may serve on the Executive Committee at a time. Other Officers may be appointed as needed. An appointed officer may simultaneously hold a position as an elected executive officer.

A    PRESIDENT - The President shall be the nominal head of the Chapter. The President is to chair all meetings. The President or the President's nominee shall represent the PNW VR Chapter at all functions and public events.
B    VICE PRESIDENT - The Vice President shall generally assist the President and assume the duties of President in the President's absence.
C    SECRETARY - The Secretary shall convene all meetings and be responsible for the minutes of their proceedings. The Secretary shall circulate copies of the minutes of meetings to other bodies as directed by the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the PNW VR and maintain contact with all affiliated bodies and inform the PNW VR of matters related to them. The Secretary shall keep control of all records and other documents relating to the PNW VR Chapter.
D    TREASURER - The Treasurer shall keep account of the finances and assets of the PNW VR Chapter. Treasurer to provide a financial report for each General Meeting and the Secretary will include the report in the meeting minutes. All financial matters must be referred to the Treasurer.

X    APPOINTED OFFICERS (To be appointed as necessary):
A    SERGEANT AT ARMS - Maintains order at PNW VR Chapter meetings and activities. Assists Road Captain at activities and runs. Rides at rear of pack on runs, or designates someone to ride at rear on runs.
B    ROAD CAPTAIN / RIDE LEADER - Ensures all riders and rides are legal before all rides/runs. Is responsible for planning routes for all planned runs. Leads all runs or designates someone to lead the runs.
C    OTHER OFFICERS - Appointed as necessary by the PNW VR Chapter to perform functions deemed by the Chapter.

Every year at the March general meeting a nominating committee will be appointed to secure nominations for each of the executive offices. Nominations of the Executive Office Bearers of the PNW VR Chapter shall be held at the June general meeting. Persons nominating or being nominated must have Full Membership rights. The Executive Office Bearers of the PNW VR Chapter shall be elected at the June General meeting. Voting for the election of Office Bearers shall be by secret ballot by members with Full Membership rights. Voting shall take place only if there are two or more nominations for a position. The term for office shall be one year.
B    VACANCIES IN PNW VR CHAPTER EXECUTIVE OFFICE BEARERS: A vacancy in the executive office bearers occurs if the member: dies, ceases to be a member of the PNW VR Chapter, resigns from executive office, is absent from three consecutive General Meetings without reasonable excuse, no Full member is nominated for the Executive office position. Vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the full members present at a General Meeting. In the case that no Full member steps forward to fill the vacancy, any Associate / Honorary member can be appointed by the President to fill the vacancy interim time till a Full member accepts the nomination for office and is voted in by a majority vote of the full members present at a General Meeting. The appointed interim Executive officer shall have the full power of the office position they have been appointed.
C    REMOVAL OF PNW VR CHAPTER EXECUTIVE OFFICE BEARERS: The chapter may, in a General Meeting, by 2/3 vote of the full members present, remove any Executive office bearer before the expiration of the member's term of office.

A     General Meetings: General Meetings shall be held from 8:00AM to 9:00AM on the 2nd Saturday of the month at a location approved at the preceding General Meeting. General meetings are subject to change for holidays and will be approved at a prior general meeting.
B    Executive Officer Meetings: Executive Officer Meetings shall be held quarterly or as needed.
C    Special Meetings: A Special General Meeting may be called, with sufficient time allowed, by a request made in writing to the Executive Committee signed by at least ten full members, stating the purpose of the meeting.
D    PNW VR ITEMS OF BUSINESS: No item of business shall be transacted at a General Meeting, or Special General Meeting, unless a quorum of members entitled to vote is present during the time the meeting is considering that item.
E     PNW VR ADJOURNMENTS: An unfinished item of business at a General Meeting may be adjourned to a Special General Meeting or to the next General Meeting, subject to the consent of the majority of members present at the meeting.
F     PNW VR QUORUM: A quorum for a General Meeting, or Special General Meeting, shall be two Office Bearers and a minimum of five chapter member. If a quorum is not present within thirty minutes of the appointed time for a meeting, that meeting shall not proceed.
G     PNW VR VOTING: Issues shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present at a General Meeting, this majority being determined by a show of hands from those entitled to vote. Proxy or absentee votes are not allowed. Any Full Member can demand a secret ballot on any vote taken at a meeting. Any person with Full Membership rights but unable to be present may communicate their vote in writing to an Office Bearer prior to commencement of the meeting. Any member with Full Membership rights, but unable to be present may appoint another Full Member to act as their proxy. Notice of this is to be given in writing to an Office Bearer prior to commencement of the meeting.
H     PNW VR CHAPTER FINANCES: The funds of the chapter shall be derived from annual dues, donations and any such other source as the Executive committee determines, subject to confirmation by majority vote at a General Meeting. The funds of the PNW VR Chapter shall be banked in the name of the chapter in a financial institution decided upon by the Executive Committee. Any two Office Bearers shall sign checks or withdrawals. All income of the PNW VR Chapter shall be used to fund its activities and further its aims. As a recommended guideline, charitable donations should not exceed 10% of the previous fiscal year’s income. No money may be paid to any member as remuneration but compensation shall be given for authorized expenses. During the April meeting the President shall appoint an audit committee to review the Treasurer’s financial records from the membership year ending. The audit shall be completed before the changing of officers in June.
I     PNW VR CHAPTER SPONSORSHIP: Chapters may seek sponsorship from a local Vulcan dealers and non-motorcycle related local businesses. Chapter sponsorship may take the form of financial sponsorship of the chapter and/or chapter events, and discounts to chapter members on purchases or other sponsorship arrangements. In return, the sponsoring dealer is entitled to on-sell membership to the chapter with the sale of Vulcan motorcycles, and may display Association logos and symbols in the sponsor's business premises and at legitimate trade shows. The sponsor is also entitled to display and demonstrate products at official chapter rallies.

XIII    PNW VR CHAPTER DISSOLUTION: If the Chapter is dissolved for any reason, the assets and properties remaining after the settlement of all just debts shall not be disbursed to members but consideration shall be given to bodies with similar aims to the Chapter, and/or to a recognized charity, and/or to a function/activity for the chapter members. The recipient organization is to be determined by a majority vote of the full members present at or before the time of the dissolution.

XIV     LOGOS AND SYMBOLS: All Association (VRA) logos are copyrighted and the copyright rests with the Association (VRA) Executive Committee. The right to use copyrighted logos and symbols is extended to chapters upon receipt of an annual chapter registration fee. Use of logos and symbols by any other third party requires permission from the Association (VRA) Executive Committee.

XV    PNW VR AMENDMENTS: These governing bylaws may be amended as needed by a majority vote of the full members present at a General Meeting. The bylaws may be amended by presenting a written copy of proposed changes at a general meeting. The secretary shall read the amendment to the membership; the amendment is recorded and published in the meeting minutes. No discussion will be presented at the first reading. At the next general meeting a second reading will be made and the floor open for discussion. Discussion will be closed and the vote taken.

For any topic not covered by these Bylaws, the club will revert to Roberts Rules of Order.